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How To Create A Strong Password In Gmail?.

Below are the few tips for keeping your account safe-

  • Using a unique password for every important account- It is suggested to use different passwords for you every important account such as your email and online banking accounts.
  • Using a combination of numbers, letters and symbols- It becomes hard for someone to guess your password if it is a combination of numbers, symbols as well as mix of upper and lower case letters.
  • Don’t use common words or personal information- It is suggested not to use password related to your personal information nor use words or phrases like qwerty or sequential pattern.
  • Ensure that your backup password is updated and secure- Regularly update your recovery email address for receiving emails if you want to reset it. You can also add a phone number for receiving the reset code through text message.
  • Try not to leave your password to multiple sites where people can easily steal and access it.