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How To Deactivate Your Google Gmail Account?.

Have you decided to delete your Gmail account permanently? Are sick of the spam Do you have a privacy concern behind deleting the account? Reason can be about not being a fan of it or stopped enjoying to access. We really not ask about, this guide will simply you know about removing it. You are at the right place!.

Here, in this case, users might feel to change the email address which was used since the childhood and now need a professional type. Gmail Support will help you reach your goal and would also like to inform about tasks you need to perform or things to take care before you begin the process.

Firstly ensure that your account is not linked to your Amazon, bank, work, or any other sites/accounts as after deactivating it you won’t be able to forward the messages that are sent to you. If you want keeps your important emails, in-built-tool of download your data. Click it and save the emails you wish to keep or deselect unwanted texts.

Go ahead with the following steps:

  • Log in using the correct credentials
  • On the top-right corner select your profile picture and click “MY account”.
  • You can see different sections here under Account preferences click the highlighted option in red square box “Delete your account or services”.
  • Scroll down and give a tap on Delete products and for the last time log in to current Gmail account.
  • Delete the displayed list of linked Google Services.
  • Next, to Gmail tap the trash icon, if prompted enter an email address in order active Google drive for future.
  • Click the link now from the received mail to provided address ensuring to leave the Gmail forever.
  • Read “the usual yada yada” message that is opened by the link and attempt the last step by ticking the box and tapping Delete Gmail.

So you can no longer use this email address as so you have successfully deleted it. You might have faced many questions while going through above process as it’s a big decision to go away from your account. Although it is very simple still if you face any difficulty you can Contact Gmail Support Number Australia and clear your confusion. The team will be pleased to serve you in any issues related to this blog.