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How To Make Gmail Account More Secure?

It is quite important to keep your email account secure and to protect your account you can use these given steps:

Install an antivirus and keep your account away from viruses and malicious threats:- Install a trusted antivirus on your device and run a scan in order to keep remove all threats and virus from your device completely.

Run a security check up on your mail account:- Once you login then visit “My Account” page and next go to “Get Started” and then follow on screen directions. It will hardly take moments and check your account security.

Stay updated with your account recovery options:- Once you login to your mail account then visit “Account Recovery” options and update it whenever required.

Create two step verification security on your account:- With this feature, you are able to add additional protection to your mail account. In order to enable this feature, you will need to enter your phone number and it gets confirmed once you enter a code received from Gmail.

Keep your browser and operating system updated:- It is important to keep your OS and browser updated, whenever you get a notification of fresh updates then you should install new updates.

Don’t use your Google account password for any other website:- Always remember you don’t have to use a same password for any other website because hackers may try to sign in your account with the same information.

Keep your password protected:- Please keep in mind you don’t need to enter your password while following a link or when you visit an un-trusted site.

Always use a strong password:- Please remember that your password should not be your phone number or date of birth. Always use an alphanumeric password for your mail account and don’t write it on a paper or in an email and never share your password with anyone.