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How To Make Your Gmail Account More Secure?.

Undoubtedly the technology had made our lives easier than ever before and major credit goes to the internet. After the advent of internet, access to the information has become much fast and easy. But on the flip side, recently there are many cases reported regarding the breach of security of many mailing account.

Gmail by Google keep you accounts security of the top of their priority list. Gmail Support strongly recommends following steps in order to protect your account, especially if you notice changes to your account that you didn’t make.

  • Check for viruses and malware: Keep your computer scanned with trusted anti-virus software time to time. In case you find any suspicious program or application remove them immediately.
  • Do an account security checkup: Go to My Account page. In the “Security Checkup” section, select Get Started and follow the on-screen instruction to check your account security.
  • Update your Account recovery option: Make sure that Account recovery options are up-to-date.
  • Turn-on 2-step verification: To provide an extra shield of protection to your account turn on 2-step verification.
  • Perform regular Operating system and browser updates: Keep your computer on update automatically mode.
  • New use your Gmail Account on another website: If you enter your password on an external website and it's compromised, someone could try to sign in to your Gmail Account with the same information.
  • Protect your password: Never enter your password after following a link in an email from an untrusted site.
  • Use a strong password: Don't write it down, send it via email, or tell anyone. Google will never email you to ask for your password or other sensitive information.

Although the above information is enough and if you follow it properly than you will keep your account secured from malicious activities that may cause harm to your personal information. If still in doubt don’t worry just talk to an expert on Gmail Support Australia, feel free to call anytime as they are available 24*7 to resolve your issues.