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How To Recover Gmail Password Without Recovery Mail?.

By using Verification Code (Enable 2-step authentication for the Gmail account):

  • You will receive a code depending upon the verification methods set up for 2-step authentication process:
    • SMS text message sent from Google
    • An app (like Google Authenticator)
    • Printed back-up codes
  • For recovering Gmail password a phone number needs to be set up: You will get an SMS text message from the Google which will have a verification code.
  • you can set a security question for Gmail password recovery: Under Answer the security question you added to your account section enter the response for your recovery question within the field under the question.

The above steps are customized according to your query still if you seek any technical assistance call on Gmail support Australia Helpline Number +61-283173468, a team of experts will assist you to make sure you get the best solution to your query.